Cord size φ2.0 φ2.5
Webbing hole 8 8
A  16.2  16.2
B  19.5  19.5
C  10  10
Production  Taiwan   Taiwan
Material POM


Feature 1. Easy locking system

srllExisting shoes strings takes much time to tie and old style. But with SRLL20, you can tie shoes string quickly and feel comfortable ! Just move the SRLL20, then you can go outside in another moment.


Feature 2. High tensile strength over 15kgf

Standard cord lock is not good at locking “Split 2 cords” like shoes strings. But the strong feature of SRLL20 is good at locking those cords because of a Gear inside of SRLL20. Actually, SRLL20 has high tensile strength over 15kgf compare with standard cord lock 0.8kgf. (*This is our internal test data. The figure depends on cord and test circumstance.)

How to assemble

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