Terms of Use

Terms of Use

In using our web site, you are agreeing to all of the items posted on our website. By accessing our website, you are agreeing to all of these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with any of these Terms of Use, you are prohibited from using our website. Please be sure to read the “Safety Precaution”.

With regard to all information on this website, our company does not make any warranty of anything directly or indirectly regarding all information, including safety and actual specification compatibility.
All of posted contents of our website, including columns and blog, are created based on our own aspect and consideration. All the posted contents do not necessary guarantee the certainty of the actuality. Our company shall not be held responsible for incidents related to our website.
The copyright of trademarks, trade names, emblems and all the other information displayed in our website belong to our company and one of our affiliates.
Reproduction of appropriation of HTML, images and photographs of our website is prohibited.
The operation of our site depends on your own computer operating environment and our company is not responsible.
While our company is striving to improve the quality of all information and services posted on our website, our company is neither liable for damages arising out of or in connection with our product information or services posted, third-party software, nor our company compensate for any damages
Our company is not liable for damages arising in result of accessing our website.
Please read carefully “Safety Precaution” when using our website, applying and considering our products. Please use your own judgment for our products and use our products with full understanding of risks and consideration for problems occurring in actual use.
The contents on our website are all reference information.
All the contents including appearance, color tone, size, notation and other information may differ from our actual products.
The information regarding the usage and the operation of our website is to deepen your understanding for our product operation and is reference purpose only. Regarding to terms above, our company do not make any guarantees or licenses concerning intellectual property rights or other rights of us and third-parties.
The information on our website is subject to change without notice.
Your orders or requests for submission of data may be denied even supposing the products were posted on our website.
Our company may suspend the sales of the products posted on our website, without prior announcement, based on our judgments. Our company will not take responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever caused resulting from this suspension.

Please read the precautions for your safety.

Our products have been designed for bags, clothes, and shoes.
Do not use our product where product malfunction may cause lack of protective function which may directly or indirectly result in fatal accidents or injuries, or may harm users’ health. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect failure, loss, or damage resulting from such usage.
Banned usages of our product Do not use our product with a baby holder, or it may cause lack of protective function for a baby. Do not use our product for protecting lives such as a life jacket. Above are some examples of banned usages. Do not use for similar usages.
Baby holder
Life jacket
Safety belt
Please read and understand product’s usage and operation procedure before using. Please contact us if you have any questions about usage and/or operation procedure. In case you use our product without reading and understanding the usage and operation procedure we had expected, or your usage and/or operation procedure deviate from what we had expected, or usage environment and/or usage condition deviate from what we had expected (even if used properly), the product may be damaged, come off, or have other trouble.
Although functional evaluations on each part were performed based on our company’s standard and prove that the separate parts are appropriate, malfunctions as a product application will occur depending on how to use the product application, usage situation, use environment, etc. Please check apparels, bags, shoes, and others to evaluate if the function and performance as a part are appropriate by actual application. Please fully verify and evaluate parts as a product application.Our company will not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused by failing to evaluate our parts as a product application when the parts meet our standard.
Our company respects intellectual property rights of other companies and engaged positively in the protection of intellectual property rights of our products as well, however, our company will not take responsibility for problems regarding intellectual property rights for actual usage situation.
Failures such as product malfunction may occur due to combination and/or compatibility of components and parts (such as tape, cord, fabric and stich) which are directly or indirectly related to our products. We do not guarantee product’s functions in every environment and situation. Information in our catalogue does not guarantee its function. Please contact us if you need to verify certain function or performance.
Product may be damaged or have malfunction if you make a strong impact on the product by throwing, trampling, or hitting and such.
Please check the product for crack, breakage, and deformation and such before using. If any failure is found, please stop using immediately.
Do not swallow the product. Keep the product out of the reach of children.
Keep the product away from food or anything that enters the body.
The product may have hole, gap between parts, or acute-angled part. The products are designed and produced not to cause damage. However, fully check the product shape to avoid injuries such as pinching.
Overloading, continuous load, or impact load (accelerating load) on the product may cause coming off, deformation, or damage.
Do not decorate or customize the product.
Functions such as strength, retention and durability may be affected by used tape, cord, usage environment, sewing method and sewing material (thread and needle), which may be led to malfunction. Please check the tape, cord, parts, and its usage before making decision to use. Also consider problems and risks, then use our product on your responsibility and judgement. You should pay due attention to the change after decision to use, and if you find any change, re-evaluate each property and check functions before use.
As for a buckle which has male part and female part, insert the male part into the female part and then pull them toward the opposite side to ensure that the parts are securely fastened. If not fastened enough, the buckle may be come off, deformed, or damaged.
If external pressure is applied to the release button for male part and female part of the buckle, it may be unbuckled. Do not use a buckle where unintended load may be applied to the release button.
Please use tape and/or cord with right width, thickness, and diameter for the product. If not, the product may be come off, damaged, or have malfunction, or the tape may be twisted.
Do not let our product outdoors for a long time to prevent discoloring and strength decrease due to deterioration.
To prevent separation, deformation and damage, do not use our product where it has a strong force or impact constantly.
To prevent deformation and deterioration which may cause strength decrease and disfigurement, do not expose the product to heat source, high or low temperature, or ultraviolet rays.
Our products produce hazardous substances if burned.
To prevent functional decline and damage, do not use our product in sandy or dusty area.
Using a combination of resin and metal may cause strength decrease due to resin abrasion.
If soiled, wipe with cloth moistened with tap water and dry in the shade. To avoid malfunctioning, do not use detergent.
Do not microwave the product.
Weld line or tarnish may appear on the product. Weld line appears where melt resin or metal flows join. Weld line is inevitable and does not affect product function. We will not accept returns for weld line.
Products may have shine on surface, which does not affect product function. We will not accept returns for shine.
Product color may vary for lot. We will not accept returns for color variability.
Products rarely have small dots in black or other color, which does not affect products’ function. We will not accept returns for dots.
Do not expose product to chemicals or specific liquid (including detergent and soap) to prevent strength decrease due to deterioration. Avoid direct contact of product with such chemicals. Also keep other components used with resin parts from coming in contact with chemicals or specific liquid.
Please contact us if you need to ensure that no environmental substance is included in our product.
You may hear rubbing sound of parts depending on the combination of materials. The rubbing sound does not affect product function. We will not accept returns for the sound.
Products made of soft material may abrade away in contact with cord or other parts. Please check the properties of the product carefully in the actual position and actual usage when considering to use.
Nylon (PA6, PA66) products may change its hardness depending on humidity and temperature of the air, and sometimes loses shock resistance. Try to minimize temperature and humidity change.
If you have metallic allergy, avoid direct contact with metal buckle.
Cord lock with resin spring may deteriorates in spring function due to material characteristic.
To avoid deterioration in spring function (decrease in force to hold cord), do not use where: The cord lock button is overloaded; Too much or many tapes and cords are put and there is very little stroke for cord lock button; Used in very hot environment or for a long time with cord passed; Or tension (pulling force) is continuously applied to cord.
Only special products with *sewing tab (sewing flange, seam allowance) can be sewn to fix. Sewing products without sewing tab may led to breakage or strength decrease. We are not responsible for such defects.
Do not backstitch when fixing a product with seam allowance. Fix with running stitch. Attachment strength depends on sewing method and environment.
Please check the properties of the product carefully using your sewing machine in the actual position and actual usage when using.

Enacted on: April 19, 2016
Updated on : April 1, 2018